KivelsonFest Symposium Program

Wednesday, June18, 2014

Li Ka Shing Center, Paul Berg Hall, 8:30am - 6:00pm

  8:30-8:40 AM Welcome - 10 min  
    Quantum Hall Effect (I), chair: Daniel Arovas (UCSD), Room A    
  8:40-9:10 AM Assa Auerbach (Technion), CORE results for the Kagome Antiferromagnet: Spin liquid with p6 Chirality 30 min  
  9:20- 9:50 AM Bert Halperin (Harvard), Fractional quantized Hall effect and phase transitions in the lowest Landau Level of monolayer grapheme 30 min  
  10:00- 10:30 AM Coffee Break and Room Switch (from A to B-C) 30 min  
    Spin liquid theory vs experiment, chair: Ronny Thomale (Wuerzburg), Rooms B-C    
  10:30- 11:00 AM Patrick Lee (MIT), From spin liquid to high T_c superconductors 30 min  
  11:10-11:40 PM Steve White (UC Irvine), Looking for Spin Liquids with DMRG 30 min  
  11:50- 12:20 PM Hong Yao (Tsinghua University), Pair density waves and Wess-Zumino-Witten criticality in weakly interacting fermionic systems with quadratic band touching: possible application to bilayer graphene-like materials 30 min  
  12:30- 2:00 PM Lunch 90 min  
    Quantum Hall effect (II), chair: Kirill Shtengel (UC Riverside), Rooms B-C    
  2:00- 2:30 PM Chetan Nayak (Station Q, UCSB),Disquisitiones Arithmeticae Quantum Hall Statuum 30 min  
  2:40- 3:10 PM Erez Berg(Weizmann Institute), Spontaneous layer polarization and conducting domain walls in bilayer graphene 30 min  
  3:10- 3:40 PM Coffee Break 30 min  
    Quantum Criticality, disorder and correlated 2D metal, chair: Vadim Oganesyan (CUNY), Rooms B-C    
  3:40- 4:10 PM Andy Mackenzie (MPI CPfS),PdCoO2: Mysteries and possible opportunities 30 min  
  4:20- 4:50 PM Senthil Todari (MIT), Spin density wave glasses 30 min  
  5:00- 5:30 PM Boris Spivak (Washington U),Negative magnetoresistance in hopping regime 30 min  
  6:00 PM - Conference Dinner at Donato    

Thursday, June19, 2014

Li Ka Shing Center, Paul Berg Hall, 9:00am - 8:00pm

    Unconventional Superconductivity (I), chair: Erica Carlson (Purdue)    
  9:00-9:30 AM Stuart Brown (UCLA), Search for field-induced order in Nd1.85Ce0.15CuO4 30 min  
  9:40- 10:10 AM Aharon Kapitulnik (Stanford), How to detect Ineluctable Complexity of strongly correlated bad metals exhibiting intertwined vestigial nematic order, pair-density waves, and fluctuating stripes 30 min  
  10:20- 10:50 AM J.C. Seamus Davis (Cornell), Direct phase-sensitive visualization and doping dependence of the d-form factor density wave in underdoped cuprates 30 min  
  11:00- 11:20 AM Coffee Break 20 min  
    Unconventional Superconductivity (II), chair: Aharon Kapitulnik(Stanford)    
  11:20- 11:50 AM John Tranquada (BNL), Stripes and Spatially-Modulated Superconductivity: An Evolving Story 30 min  
  12:00-12:30 PM Joe Orenstein (UC Berkeley), Perspectives on collective phase modes in optical conductivity: from Emery-Kivelson to the present 30 min  
  12:40- 2:00 PM Lunch / Photo shoot 100 min  
    Methods for correlated electrons, chair: Sean Hartnoll (Stanford)    
  2:00- 2:30 PM Dung-Hai Lee (UC Berkeley), Can deeply under doped cuprates be topological superconductors? 30 min  
  2:40- 3:10 PM Jan Zaanen (Lorentz Institute),Why Steve lured me into becoming an amateur string theorist .. 30 min  
  3:20- 3:50 PM Andy Millis (Columbia), Superconductivity and the Pseudogap in the Hubbard Model and High-Tc superconductors 30 min  
  4:00- 4:20 PM Coffee Break 20 min  
  4:20 - 6:00 PM Panel Discussion: What do we mean by a successful theory of HTSC, chair: Catherine Kallin (McMaster) 100 min  
    Doug Scalapino (UCSB), Sudip Chakravarty (UCLA), Eduardo Fradkin (UIUC),    
    Elihu Abrahams (UCLA), Bob Laughlin (Stanford), Chandra Varma (UCR)    
  6:00- 8:00 PM "Drawing with Tetrahedra", Wine and Cheese. 2 hr  

Friday, June 20, 2014

Quadrus Conference Center (2400 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park), 9:00am - 1:30pm

    Open Problems and New Directions (I) chair: Srinivas Raghu (Stanford)    
  9:00-9:30 AM Ian Fisher (Stanford), Elastoresistance measurements as a probe of nematicity 30 min  
  9:40- 10:10 AM Nadya Mason (UIUC), Designing Superconductivity: Manipulating Interactions in Arrays of Superconducting Islands 30 min  
  10:20-10:50 AM Coffee Break 30 min  
    Open Problems and New Directions (II) chair: Shivaji Sondhi (Princeton)    
  10:50- 11:20 AM Bill Bialek (Princeton), Phenomenology and more 30 min  
  11:30-12:00 PM Steve Shenker (Stanford),Holographic scrambling 30 min  
  12:00- 1:30 PM Lunch 90 min